Adoptable Dogs

Our available dogs are listed here: MO Min Pin Rescue Adoptable dogs

Many of our dogs come from animal shelters. They are picked up as strays and available to rescue when not reclaimed by their owners. Most are healthy, but some are not and need our help to reach their potential. There are times when owners contact us when they can no longer keep their dogs and transfer ownership to MO Min Pin Rescue.
All dogs that come through our organization are neutered or spayed, microchipped, rabies and distemper/parvo vaccinated, and tested for heartworms. We also do a dental when needed. We also try to assess temperament: Is the dog good with children, men, women, other dogs and cats? Is the dog housebroken, content to be alone, or in need of a companion dog? 
We do the best we can to understand as much as we can prior to releasing a dog to a new owner. When an adoption occurs, we like to stay in touch to make sure the new family member settles in well, as rescue dogs often come with baggage that is not always obvious. There are no 100% guarantees.
If you see a dog you’d like to adopt…
1. Fill out an online Adoption Application.
2. We will contact you by email within 2 or 3 days of receipt to let you if the preliminary checks have been approved or declined & if approved we will talk more about you and the dog and set up a time for a…
• Home visit
• Meet & Greet the adoptable dog and introduce to any resident animals and family
• Transfer ownership and custody with a contract and adoption fee, which varies depending on the dog.
(Be sure to check the adoption fee listed for the specific dog you are interested in.)
Please be advised that we reserve the right  to decline an applicant for any reason at any time. 
This is the general process, although, depending on the circumstances, sometimes it is possible that the Home Visit, Meet & Greet and Adoption can happen all at the same time. If we see any potential problems through any of this process that may prevent approval for adoption, we will be honest about why we feel you are inappropriate for the particular dog. 
All of our dogs are fostered in private homes and it is not possible to come meet them prior to completing an application. We do hold adoption events at our local PetSmart, and you must be pre-approved to bring home the dog the same day.

We typically do not ship a dog unless noted otherwise. It is the adopter’s responsibility to arrange to pick up the dog. 

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